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30 05 2011

ok blogging matthew is over to be honest, blogging isn’t my favorite thing to do to reflect becasue writing and are not my favorite thing to do. most of the time when i need to blog, i think its a waste of time and it is not needed becasue of the topic, we could just read Matthew, know the messages but we dont really have to blog about it.


matthew 28

23 05 2011

This chapter is three days since Jesus went on the cross so one day Mary and another Mary went to Jesus’ tomb to look at it, then earthquake! thunder! stuff! and an angel told the two women not to me scared. and then they saw Jesus and he was shining, and told the marys to find the eleven since Judas killed himself.

Thsi story tells us that what ever Jesus said is true and that he is the Lord.

Matthew 27

19 05 2011

fastfoward a little bit and now Jesus is on the cross dying and he is calling to God, even Jesus called God for help because of the pain and some people actually helped him becasue they are either followers ot people who believe that Jesus is son of man. On the cross Jesus said this “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” the there was a earthquake and everyone was crazy

Jesus’ death tells us that no matter what the problem is God is the perosn we should call out to and he will help us.

matthew 26

19 05 2011

the last meal of Jesus and the last supper.

here Jesus gave us 2 things that we do at church as well as at home, the communion and wipng our feet when we go to people’s house. but the supper went bad when Jesus said that someome in the twelve will betray him and that he will die. Then all the twelve went crazy and started arguing about who is that peron and why would betray Jesus. All of them denined but jesus knew

Judas is lying about his plan and Jesus knew it, we are all liars and that we deserve to die too. So teh last supper and Judas teaches us to not lie and dont pretend about stuff

matthew 25

17 05 2011

this chapter the story of the bags of gold told me that I should use money wisely and to gain more than given is a good thing if you do it for God. The servants that gainev more when they came back was blessed by the master (Jesus and God) while the lazy one who buried teh money was hated by the master. So always remember to do good deeds in the name of God!

matthew 24

17 05 2011

this chapter tells us that we have to be ready of the coming age and that Jesus is coming back. many of the signs Jesus mentioned already happened and they are still to come. for example there were many peopel who claimed to be prophets of Jesus but not and nations will battle each other already happened. So many people thinks that Jesus is coming soon…

Matthew 23

11 05 2011

Jesus just talks about how the Pharisees are bad abd how they are like super  hypocrites

The  Pharisees are hypocrites because they taught the people stuff that are bad and makes people think they could go to heaven. but Jesus said to them that none of them will ever see Heaven because they were bad.

So in this chapter it tells us to not be hypocrites but to teach good and obey what God wants us to do